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Heavy Equipment

Product of the Week: Caterpillar’s updated 992K wheel loader

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Caterpillar says its recently updated Cat 992K Wheel Loader is designed to lower fuel costs by as much as 21 percent compared to previous models and increase operating efficiency with features such as the On-Demand Throttle arrangement that automatically manages engine speed, combining the efficiency of a manual throttle with ergonomic throttle lock operation.

The wheel loader is powered by an 801-horsepower Cat C32 ACERT engine that can be configured to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV or U.S. EPA Tier 2/EU Stage IIa emissions regulations. The loader’s 14-16 cubic-yard bucket capacities offer a standard lift payload of 24 tons and high-lift payload of 21 tons.

Matched to load a Cat 775 in three passes and a Cat 777 in four passes, the 992K now offers Cat Production Measurement (CPM), the advanced payload weight measuring system that promotes cost-effective hauling by helping loader operators minimize truck under-loading and overloading.

The loader is built fire suppression ready and features fall protection tie-offs that provide fall arrest for service technicians. The 992K design includes turn signals and hazard lights, a bi-directional emergency gate, wheel chocks, and mid-rails. New performance-enhancing features include pump efficiency monitoring, improved fluid filtration, and coolant-loss monitoring. Cat Advansys G.E.T adapters maximize loader uptime with fast, hammerless installation and removal of ground engaging tools.

The cab features joystick controls and an updated information display with a color graphical touch screen. Additional features include centralized service centers and ground level access points to speed up service and reduce exposure to falls. The Vital Information Management System (VIMS) monitors machine health and provides operating information on critical loader functions for operators, service personnel, and fleet managers.

Tips for heavy equipment

Protect your assets: Guide for heavy equipment.

If you own heavy equipment, you already know that undercarriage maintenance plays a vital role in the overall productivity of your machine. Routine maintenance and appropriate operation can be very cost effective for your company as well as extend the life span of your machine.  Listed below are just a few of the proper maintenance and operating practices.

  • Inspect your machine daily. This should be your top priority. Be sure to look for excessive wear and damaged or missing components.
  • Investigate your track tension. If your track is too tight, it can create added load. If your track is too loose, it can cause instability and derailment.
  • Maintain cleanliness. Always remove excess mud and debris from the machine.
  • Knowledge of track widths plays a vital role in your undercarriage life. Know your surroundings. Look for firm ground conditions, soft and swampy ground conditions, slopes, and low impact/highly abrasive ground conditions. Take all of this into consideration.
  • Train, Train, Train!! Keep resources handy – i.e. manuals. An adequately trained employee will follow the best maintenance and operating practices.

Vast Management International, Inc. has had direct contact with large mining companies, equipment manufacturers, and dealers for 10+ years. We know the business and will assist you with any questions you may have concerning your heavy equipment.

By working closely with construction, aggregate, and mining sectors throughout the OTR Tire industry, Vast Management International Inc. can guide you in the right direction!

How clean is your machine? 

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